How Literature Can Be Defined As Written Works

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Literature can be defined as Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit (oxford). That is just one of the many different definitions. Literature is not just written works. It can be anything that tells a story and makes someone feel something. Literature can take the form of books, poems, and movies.
These different mediums allow stories and messages to be spread throughout the world. Racism is topic that has been written about for a very long time. It was a very intense, shocking, and shameful part of American history. There are countless stories, poems, movies, and songs that depict and criticize slavery.
The book “To be a Slave” fills in the blanks of American history by giving a concrete
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They were forced to work for white people as slaves, but that is nothing compared with the treatment they received. Slaves were beaten, mal-nourished, and disrespected as a whole. Slaves were considered as low as the lowest forms of life. They were treated less than some forms of life. They were treated as possessions that were disposable and replaceable.
This book shined a light on the darkest times in American history and opened eyes to everyone who read it. It related to real life in the sense that horrors such as theses should not occur again so it is important to not be ignorant of the history of slavery. It would be wrong to simply ignore the tragedy that occurred in the United States for so many years. The wrong that was done to the African Americans is something that must never be repeated.
Taking place in the Southern United States between 1909 and 1949, the movie “The Color Purple” tells the life of a poor African American woman named Celie Harris whose abuse begins when she is young. She already has two children by her father Alphonso "James" Harris. He takes them away from her at childbirth and forces the young Celie to marry a wealthy widower Albert Johnson, known to her only as "Mister", who treats her horribly. Albert makes her clean up his messy house and take care of his disobedient children. Albert beats and rapes her, Celie is so scared that she’ll do whatever he wants. Celie 's sister Nettie
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