How Long Can We Continue Using Fossil Fuels Without Detrimental

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How long can we continue using fossil fuels without detrimental effects? With every passing moment our planet is slowly becoming contaminated with the fossil fuels we use and the green house gases they emit. Not only do fossil fuels contaminate the planet we live in, but they also cannot be replenished and will run out eventually. We cannot reverse these effects, however i think there is one alternative energy source that scientists have been working on that can be incorporated to reduce the damage. The government should be utilizing solar power more often because the world needs to eradicate its dependance on fossil fuels, solar power is the most efficient renewable energy source and should be incorporated more often over fossil fuels. To…show more content…
The first modern solar panel that was efficiently effective was accidentally built by Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin who were able to construct a one that could take in six percent of direct sunlight. In todays world we already use solar power for a items as small as a calculator to extremely large power plants that can power large cities. Some watches, calculators, and certain radios are run by solar cells that will never run out of bateries making them very effective. Almost all of the worlds satelittes are run on solar power, if they werent otherwise, they would run out of power. There are large desalinization plants that use solar power in places where there is very little amounts of water. Solar powered cars should be ivestigated into more by scientists because transferring gas to solar powered cars would be extremely benificial to the environment. However, the drawback of these cars would be that they cant run on cloudy days and only can go at high speeds for a short amount of time. Therefore, solar powred cars are only used for experiments and racing now. Amazingly, the amount of enerygy that Sun shines down on the earth in one hour equates to the same amount of energy used by the worlds population in the entire year. Solar power should be used more than fossil fuels beacuse it 's clean and produces no harmful emissions. Easily renewable because it gets its energy from the

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