How Long Will You Live?

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How long will you live to realize you done the biggest mistake? Krokodile can have effects on he or she such as: Society, Loved ones, and their health. The drug Desomorphine also known as its street name Krokodile or Crocodil was created on 1932 in Russia. Decades ago medical doctors would use this drug as a pain killer but, after discovering it contained a highly contaminated and deadly substance it was discontinued. Krokodile made its debut internationally in 2002. “In 2005, the country 's counter narcotics agency reported catching only "one-off" instances of the drug; six years later, in the first three months of 2011, the agency confiscated 65 million doses, up 23-fold from two years earlier. At its peak that year, Krokodil use had…show more content…
This makes it easier for anyone to get their hands on this death-dealing drug. The active ingredient in Krokodile is Codeine. What is Codeine? Well Codeine is an opioid pain medication. It is commonly found in Tylenol, Cough syrups, and other pain medications. Codeine is a controlled substance and it might require a prescription or can be available over-the-counter from the pharmacist as with some cough syrups. Additionally Codeine might have restrictions in some states. It is said that Iodine is another ingredient found in this drug. Iodine is mineral that our thyroid needs in order for it to function properly. This mineral is found in foods such as: Seafood and sea vegetables like kelp, along with dairy products. Likewise enriched breads and pastas are the top sources of Iodine. These two ingredients Iodine and Codeine can cause disruption of the endocrine system and muscle destruction. Iodine can also be infused on to the user’s clothes and there is no possible way to wash it out. All he or she can do is burn the clothes or just throw them out. In addition any building that has been used as a Krokodile cooking house is best to be forgotten. Anyone who wishes to cook up a batch of Krokodile will never get rid of that smell of Iodine. The high levels of Phosphorus can cause bone damage and also the harmful metals can lead to inflammation of the kidneys and liver. It is said if people do not seek medical help he or
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