How Low Have You 've Fallen?

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I could of resisted him we both knew that. However, Sougo knew by using my two servants as leverage he could tame even the white demon. "How low have you 've fallen? Are you that low to allow a man to violate you over and over just to protect two damn brats? Or do you get off with someone raping you that much?" Sougo provoked trying to get me to snap. He did this method often to give him a reason to punish me some more. "I am that low to use my worthless body to protect two damn brats." I said not taking his bait. "Your no better than a damn prostitute!" Sougo said stomping on my gut with his thick boots. I gasped as the wind got violently knocked out of me. "I guess I am." I said softly as he began getting angry that I wasn 't taking his bait. He began stomping harder on me. "Take the damn bait bitch!" Sougo snapped as he proceeded on stepping on my left arm. I gritted my teeth to withhold my blood curling screams. "Want me to stop?" He asked slyly as I ignored his rhetorical question. "You know staying quiet doesn 't help any right slut?" He asked as he put more pressure on my already injured arm. I bit down to the point of drawing blood on my bottom lip. "What 's wrong are you alright?" Sougo feign innocence. "I 'm not going to give you the satisfaction of hearing me scream." I said with as much confidence I could muster. "We 'll see about that." Sougo said as he placed both feet on my one arm. I bit down hard on my bottom lip to hold back my screams. I could feel my lip

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