How Lucky You Are

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Terminsprøve - Delprøve 2 ”And know always how lucky you are”. That was what the woman, Alexsa, told Max, the main character in the short story “How Lucky You Are” written by Debi Alper in 2010, after they had realized that Ishraqi, an Iran girl, who Max has just meet, and felt in love with, was going back to Iran, where her life would be in danger, and she is in ignorance if her parents are alive, or where they are to be found. But what does Alexsa mean when she say, that Max will have to always know how lucky he is? And I wonder how it would fell when someone you love is reluctant leaving you forever and there are nothing you can do about it? The story presents a tense, but exciting relationship between two young teenagers;…show more content…
The last sentence of the story brings the reader with lot of question. We wonder what they are going to talk about, and when. Throughout the whole story, you sense a buildup of suspense, towards what you think will be the climax of the story, where Ishraqi is going to her appointment at the UK Borders Agency Building. And when the two teenagers are hanging out, the tensions and feeling between them are growing, and you expect some big, joyful thing will happen. But what the reader thought was going to be the climax of the story turns out to be an anticlimax, because Ishraqi has been sent home and the relationship is therefore ruptured. Through all the previously mentioned it can be concluded, that the main theme is gratitude. When Max meet Ishraqi, he realizes that everything she wants, is he in possession of; love, education, family, a home and freedom. From that you can conclude that the author wants the reader to appreciate the things they have, because many people are without it. And that it could all be taken from you in a split second. So therefore you will have to take nothing for granted, because the things you complain about, is another’s biggest dream. So; remember to be grateful. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Line 199 [ 2 ]. Line 127 [ 3 ]. Line 16 [ 4 ]. Line 16 [ 5 ]. Line
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