How Madagascar 's Major Environmental Problems Affected The Wildlife Development

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A geographer explores how Madagascar’s major environmental problems impact the wildlife development in Madagascar
This essay discusses how five different environmental problems that occur in Madagascar disturb the plants and animals living in the country. Environmental problems include deforestation, agricultural fires, erosion, overexploitation of living resources, and invasions of alien species. Unfortunately, as result of the environmental problems, native species are losing their homes and are struggling to survive. Fortunately, there are organizations where conservationists are working hard to help save the animals from extinction.

When people think about Madagascar, images of beautiful, lush green rainforest, warm, sandy beaches along crystal-clear water and exotic animals come to mind. Madagascar is a large island that is located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of Africa. According to Africa Diversity and Development, the population in 2009 was nineteen point five million people, many of which living on less than two dollars a day (Binns, 2011). This landmass is home to an extraordinary variety of animals including Flat-Tailed Geckos, Comet Moths, Panther Chameleons and Tomato Frogs. Many of the animals found in Madagascar cannot be found anywhere else on this planet. Unfortunately, environmental problems are negatively impacting the wildlife. Conservationist are forced to work extra hard to help stop the destruction and save the…
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