How Magazines Are Negatively Impacting Women 's Viewpoint On Body Image

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Magazines are perhaps one of the main influential and ideal articles a girl can come across with. Writers and editors that develop magazines earn up to thousands of dollars and constantly spend over time to develop the latest trends, along with great tips on how to bargain your dollar. Magazines tend to have a massive amount of celebrity gossip and best tips when it comes to buying makeup. However despite all the beauty tips and entertaining gossip, magazines are negatively affecting women’s viewpoint on body perspective. Though editors along with fashion designers display frail models to fabricate there fashion/magazines to have an alluring appeal, in reality, are not only displaying their retail but are also influencing standards on body image. As for my perspective, I haven’t bought a single magazine since the summer of 2014. Not a fitness to a fashion magazine. It was difficult not to pick up and buy the latest issue of Cosmotoplian or People magazine. But I had to resist. “Drop weight in two days!”, “Lose that thigh fat!”, “How to look like a VS model” All displayed in the front lines of the magazines along with abnormal twig skinny models who look like they went through a severe case of bulimia. That’s why I came to a stopping point. In the front covers of many typical fashion/fitness magazines display abnormally thin supermodels and a ridiculous amount of weight loss tips and none of which are beneficial. Through the years body image has gone through drastic changes

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