How Magento 2 Continues Move Forward Toward Its Anticipated Final Release

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Magento 2 continues to move forward toward its anticipated final release in Q4 2015. Since the installation on a local stack is complex, faithful users are curious to know if the update process will run efficiently. Based on Magento’s announcement, the company is working with select merchants to test Magento 2 in real-world situations‐an indicator that they’re confident in the code base. The merchant beta program is intended to fully vet the platform. The company has enlisted “a variety of merchants across multiple industries and regions, and of various sizes and complexity, to ensure we are testing across varied set of use cases.” Peter Sheldon, vice president and eCommerce technology analyst at Forrester Research Inc., says, “Magento is one of the jewels in the portfolio, and I would expect the private equity consortium to not only continue with all committed resources but likely increase the resources.” The new Magento version is being designed with more features for B2B as well as retail websites. It’s popular among a number of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. For example, boxing goods manufacturer Everlast Worldwide Inc. relaunched its website this year on Magento Enterprise to offer better functionality for its online customers. Everlast director of eCommerce Mike Ebert says that Magento also supports responsive design, which delivers the company’s web content properly on mobile and desktop screens. After a long wait, Magento 2.0 is almost ready for

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