How Make Money Online As An Ebay Essay

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How to Make Money Online as an eBay Affiliate By Jorge Gurza Dec 25, 2007 If you are new to internet marketing, you should learn how to make money online from eBay. If you have not heard of eBay than you must have just landed from another planet, since it is the world 's biggest and best known online auction site. There are many different ways of making money online, ranging from affiliate marketing to direct sales of your own product. Affiliate marketing is a method of making money by selling products belonging to other people. You basically earn a commission every time you send a prospect to somebody 's sales page that results in a sale. There are subtle differences between affiliate marketing and acting as a salesperson for someone else, but the end result is the same: if somebody buys then you earn money. However, you can also earn affiliate money, not by finding prospects that purchase a product, but that sign up for service. There are many online membership companies that can make a lot of money from people who register for their service, and eBay is one of the biggest. eBay is an internet auction site that allows you to sell products and to purchase them. Many eBay sellers are ordinary people selling items that they no longer have a use for. You could sell an old CD, jewelery, books and anything you think you can get money for. Others are professionals who use eBay as a store front, and eBay even provides them with an online shop from which they can advertise and

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