How Malaria Affects The Human Body And The Different Types Of Malaria

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All over the world, people are affected by disease. Most of these people don’t have the resources to feel better or even help others receive the cure. When people can’t get the vaccinations and cures they need, they die. There is a need all over the world to give sick people the cure to get better and lower the death rates due to disease. Because this is a global problem, everyone should be aware of the devastating effects of the diseases around the world. In some cases, the diseases are preventable and the cure given to the public, but at such a large price many can’t afford it. In this essay, I will talk about malaria, how malaria affects the human body, and the different types of malaria. To increase your understanding of how malaria affects certain regions of the world, I will then talk about how malaria affects the people of Thailand, the cost of the creation of the vaccine and cure, and the cost of treatment for the Thai people. Malaria is a life threatening disease that has the capability of impacting the lives of about 3.2 billion people around the world. This large amount of people accounts for almost half of the world 's population. In the United States alone, there are about 1,500 cases of malaria every year. Although Malaria is preventable, and even curable, many countries do not have the money and resources to fight this disease. 1As of 2015, there are 97 countries and territories that are known to have ongoing cases of malaria transmission and there were 214
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