How Male and Female Students Participate in Class

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How Male and Female Students Participate in Class According to the Deborah Tannan’s article “How Male and Female Students Participate in Class,” while men suppose it is their duty to contribute to class by speaking up, women do not think that they need to speak up like men do. Most women seem to speak up occasionally when they feel it only requires doing so. Even though a woman speaks up, then she tries to keep silent as long as possible if she feels she would be attacked. A girl communicates in a more intimate and sensitive way with a chosen, trusted one with whom she sits and talks telling secrets. In contrast, for most boys, activities are central, and their best friends are whom they do things with; they bond by exchanging playful…show more content…
One of the most remembered spoken up-women in the US history is the medical doctor, June Mc Carroll, who determinedly and successfully stood out against the narrow-sighted, backward government officials and contributed much of her time and energy for the sake of improving highway safety. Unless these women avoided speaking up and standing out when they were young girls in classroom, they could not probably be able to emerge as such inspiring pioneers because classroom is considered the “labor-room” where such skills are apparently born and molded. Finally, there exist neither biological reasons nor other valid evidences to conclude that women are inherently silent or timid in classroom or elsewhere. So it is very obvious that women also can develop classroom skills and other social-interaction skills just as men unless they are subject to excessive male-dominance (such as in the past) from their very childhood so as not to develop those positive characteristics. But both in the ancient times and the present time, whenever they were subject to excessive male-dominance or suppression, many instances can be found for their strong resistance to it and their will for being liberated. Mary Magdalene, who lived 2000 years ago, spoke up and stood out against a whole society to be a liberated woman; in the modern time, Taslima Nasrin, a female physician, stood out against
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