How Man Can Invent Life Changing Inventions Essay

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I. Introduction
This is one of the biggest questions in physics and everyday life. How did the universe begin? How did everything that we see, smell, feel, or hear come into existence? If there are answers to these questions then more questions arise such as: When did it begin? Where did it begin? Why did it begin? Every person that walked the Earth and lived their small, miniscule lives have looked to the oceans, skies, stars, and planets, and wondered what their purpose and plan was in the grand universe. Through research, studies, science and technology, man has been extremely powerful in such a short existence on this planet. Man has developed laws of nature, machines, computers, satellites, space shuttles, and weapons strong enough to destroy all known human existence. Man is amazing. Man can invent life-changing inventions but cannot ‘create’. To create is to cause something new to exist. All that man has made was from something that already exists. Man cannot create something from nothing and man cannot create life. So the question arises: if man is so amazing, how did man come into existence? There are a variety of philosophers from every era recorded by man to discuss this topic. The philosophers have had differing and ever-changing ideas about this topic whether it was by the Big Bang or by the Bumba god, or the Christian God. The Big Bang is atheistic, cosmological theory of how the entire universe originated from one enormous quantum fluctuation. The Bumba God

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