How Manager Can Create Satisfied Employees, And List Factors That Influenced Job Satisfaction

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ntroduction This essay argues that managers whether or not can create satisfied employees. This essay will give the definition of Job Satisfaction, it will provide analysis with importance of job satisfaction in an organisation. Moreover, this study will point out several purpose of how manager can create satisfied employees, and list factors that Influenced Job Satisfaction, this argument will disprove manager also find difficulty in employee’s satisfaction. Employees who have a high level of work’s satisfaction are unlikely to be searching for another position. Job satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with morale(Payakachat et al.2011). Happy, positive employees produce a positive atmosphere that 's causative to labor. It may also contribute to engagement, that is regarding however way staff determine with the corporate. Keeping staff happy isn 't regarding paying them massive salaries with monumental edges. It 's regarding understanding what motivates individuals Employee has a crucial role in most organisation. A corporation that is high expectation in workers productivity can verify high level of success. Employee 's behaviour, worker 's loyalty employee 's performance and employee cooperation measure results obtained from employee 's satisfaction. Organisations have to be compelled to grasp and perceive specific factors that considerably have an effect on satisfaction of worker so as to make helpful mechanism for hiring, training, rising and managing employees
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