How Managers Can Implement Be Proactive Within Their Given Industries?

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• Author Stephen Millett argues that many managers see themselves as victims of external forces beyond their control. They feel that they cannot control markets, customers, competitors, and regulators. Consequently, they tend to be more reactive than they need to be and not as proactive as they could be. Given this scenario, discuss two techniques that managers can implement to be proactive within their given industries. In addition to evaluating what you have found in the literature, please include a discussion of your professional and/or personal experiences. Historical ratios and conducting a needs analysis are two ways managers can ensure that they are more proactive rather than reactive. Historical ratios are a very important…show more content…
Corporate would say that for every 1,000 dollars projected one employee could be scheduled. This conveys to me, that I can schedule 12 employees, excluding salary managers. I would be a little more proactive. I would schedule 14 employees to ensure coverage if there is any call offs or spike in sales. I would send employees home early if not needed. A needs analysis is another important tool that a leader or manager can used to be proactive. Alavi, and Gholami (2008), Needs Analysis identifies potential problems, serve as an aid in developing policies, and provide information that can be used in making decisions. Needs analysis gives an idea of the current conditions within the organization. I used Needs analysis in many management roles. For example, at one location that I worked at the manager was fired for not performing and low sales. When I took over the store, the first step was to conduct a needs analysis. I gave managers a survey, and I gave employees a survey. The survey consists of ten questions and asked about what they felt was wrong with the store, and what can be done to change the current conditions. Once the surveys were returned, I analyzed the results and made some decisions based upon the results of the survey. The needs analysis allows me to be strategic to fix conditions, as well as identify problems that may come up in the future those employees had identified. It allowed me to
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