How Managers Effectively Deal With Cross Cultural Issues

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Subject 3 : Discuss how managers effectively deal with cross cultural issues in the workplace.

As the world economy is becoming more and more international, it has now become essential to know how to interact with people coming from some other countries. Nowadays most of growing companies are treating with partners abroad but some of them are facing communication problems. Cross cultural communication consist in a field of study that looks at how people from different cultural background communicate. In our essay we will see in what extent dealing with a multucural team is apparently a drain, then we will list the different methods that managers can use to solve these issues and finally see how a multicultural team can becomes a gain when it is well managed.

Apparently a drain

Communicating with people from different cultures, having different norms and habits is difficulty that everybody has to face. We all have been educated in different places and had different influences that made of us the persons we are today. This different experiences we had gave us various references and codes. All these different codes leads to misunderstanding.

We identify two different ways of communication, verbal and non verbal communication.
Verbal communication is a communication using verbs, voice and language.
Non-verbal communication refers « to a variety of ways to send a message without the use of verbal words. It is both intentional or unintentional »
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