How Managers For Ensure Transfer Of Training

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Q1. What can be done to motivate managers to ensure transfer of training?
First, I thougth it would be inportant to understand what transer of training is, so I found some research on it from the Office of Personnel Managment. This information is below.

Our textbook defintes Transfer of Training as trainee 's applying to their jobs the learned capabailities gained in the training. I also found a defionition of Motivation to Learn, which is a trainee 's desire to learn the content of a training program. Noe (2013).
Training Transfer
Training transfer means that learners are able to “transfer” their knowledge and skills learned in a training session back to their jobs. The importance of training transfer cannot be overemphasized. Organizations spend billions of dollars each year on training, yet only a fraction of that investment results in improved performance if training transfer is not supported by stakeholders (i.e. any individual or group that has a “stake” in the transfer of training). These include managers, peers, customers and the employer. Stakeholders also assume responsibility for supporting transfer.The goal of training is not simply to gain knowledge and skills, but to transfer learning into performance, which in turn leads to improvements in agency results. Training transfer is not an event; it is a dynamic and complex process that requires planning. The use of effective transfer of training principles can help maximize the effectiveness of training
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