How Manipulation Causes Severe Damage On The Human Body With Anne Frank

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Manipulation is used in nearly every endeavor encountered throughout an average day. It is used in things ranging from day to day commercials all the way to political campaigns. Leaving any person with access to the world vulnerable to manipulation. Webster dictionary defines manipulation as , “to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one 's own advantage”. Commonly, things such as a physical state, relationships, mental state, and innocence and humanity do not survive due to the manipulation of outward forces (environment, role model, and incentive).
The physical state of a being may be manipulated through physical and mental torture and result in stress inflicted damage, damage as a result of harsh conditions, and even death. The Holocaust is a prime example of how manipulation causes severe damage on the human body with Anne Frank. Elie Wiesel, and 13 million others as evidence. “Repeated acute stress and persistent chronic stress may also contribute to inflammation in the circulatory system, particularly in the coronary arteries, and this is one pathway that is thought to tie stress to heart attack.” (Trovian). To manipulate an environment as Hitler did by forcing Jews and other unwanteds into the concentration camps would cause much stress at all times and inflict mental and physical pain to each victim. Not only would a stressful situation such as this cause problems in the circulatory system, but the metabolic, endocrine,…
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