How Many Accidents Happen Within A Playground? Children Essay

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How many accidents happen in a playground? Children are clumsy and it is an unspoken rule that you must get injured at least once while in the playground. Of course, most of the injuries consist of scrapes, bruises, and the occasional bloody nose. They were injuries that a few Band-Aids and some tissues can handle. Unfortunately, my playground accident did not fall under the category of Band-Aid and tissue injuries. Ten years ago, I experienced a traumatic event that was significant part of my life. In 2006, I was still living in my old green house in Passaic, New Jersey. There was not a good school system in the district so, I was placed in a private school, thirty minutes away from home called, Hawthorne Christian Academy. I had just turned eight and was starting third grade but, only for a brief time. My parents decided that we should move to new and nicer town with a better public school system. They did not want to pay the rising tuition of private school any longer. I would be only attending the private school for the first month of third grade. Every day, at 2 o’clock, it was time for recess. Our teacher, Mrs. K, a heavy set woman in her sixties who always had her hair in a tight bun, directed us through a back door in our classroom to the playground. The playground had lots of equipment for every student to use. The first thing I ran two was this big bright yellow tube. I loved that slide because of its twists at the bottom. After using the slide, I came across this
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