How Many Kids Eat School Lunch?

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How many kids eat school lunch? Not very many. Most bring their own lunch or go home to eat. Lunch is an important meal for all ages. Students need vegetables, fruit, calcium and more to have a healthy diet. When kids bring lunches from home because they do not like what is being served, they tend to bring unhealthy things. The school lunches could be very good if there were more options. When I was in elementary school the school had better choices. I also remember the high school had the option of a salad bar. Salad is always a good option. The idea of having two main course options would be good as well. I am going to be persuading the board, students, and the school to fight for bigger and healthy lunches. There are three important reasons why students need a good lunch, (1) learning (2) athletics (3) future health. Why do students need a good lunch to excel in learning? When kids wake up for school and don’t get breakfast they tend to become hungry. When they get to school and decided to eat breakfast there, they usually do not get enough. Usually by third or fourth period students are already hungry. They then transition over to lunch and still do not always get enough food. Some students walk away with only two food groups on their tray. Think about this, do you want to go to a good college and get a good degree? The amount of effort you put in a day reflects on how your future will play out. If you consume a low amount of food for lunch then your mood and…
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