How Many People Does Milton Say Actually Know How To Make A Pencil

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1. More than a billion pencils are made each year. How many people does Milton say actually know how to make a pencil? He said "there is nobody in the world who knows how to make a pencil". 2. The cedar wood for pencils grows in California and Oregon. What are some of the tools, products, and services that are involved in getting the trees cut and moved to the pencil factory? They will need some saws to cut the trees, but you need steel to make them, but you also need a steel mill to make the steel, and before that you need the iron to make the steel mill. You would also need the graphite which they get from South America. What Milton is trying to explain to the audience is that there are many processes included in the process of making a pencil, but no one actually know how to make a…show more content…
6. Is there any “master mind” or dictator forcing or directing everyone to do the particular jobs that are needed to make pencils? No, they have their own reasons to be working. 7. What is the “miracle” that is involved in the making of pencils? The miracle is cooperation between all the people involved in creating pencils. 8. Milton worries that many people believe that complex economic tasks like delivering mail, making automobiles, or even making pencils can be done best if a government runs the processes. What does he think leads people to that conclusion? What lead people to that conclusion is that they don’t know what is behind the creation of a pencil. 9. What are some of the examples that the author mentions to show that when people are left alone, without government interference, they can accomplish amazing things? When a car stops working, and how that makes people realize how a complicated mechanism it is. 10. What is the lesson about freedom and free people that the author wants the reader to learn from this story? Is how people can benefit from trades and how trade-off can be used so that both parties can benefit fron a
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