How Marijuana Affects Society

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How does marijuana affect today’s society? After spending the last few weeks researching that question, the results were very surprising. Many people probably have some general idea on what marijuana is or think that they know a lot more then they do. In reality very little is actually known about marijuana and all its mysteries. Normally when looking at the discussion of marijuana you get a variety of different viewpoints, arguments, studies and supporting details. Typically when marijuana comes into discussion it’s normally talked about in the negative. Coming from parents, teachers, and adults, most people believe that because it is illegal and it is a drug that it can’t have any medical benefits behind it. Even the federal
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One study done by a scientist in Israel, Raphael Mechoulam, discovered that cannabis can be used to treat “conditions as glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, inflammation, appetite loss, Tourette’s syndrome, and asthma.” (National Geographic) Research on the health benefits has just begun. Research and studies were halted around 1970 when the government made marijuana a Class I drug, and research stayed at a halt until mid 20th century. When now research has opened up and is gradually becoming more accepted. Many people have different beliefs on the downsides of pot and the negative effects of pot are still very unclear. Overall, the research that has been done on marijuana is so minimal that a decision can’t be made either way on if marijuana is bad or good. However, it is clear that marijuana does help some people and make a very big difference in their lives. Now Ezra is almost 2 years old and is and has less than 10 seizures per…show more content…
Many people who are supporters of marijuana believe that there is a bountiful of money in the industry. For example, in Colorado this past year, marijuana was a $700 million dollar industry and that doesn’t include the licensee fees and all the other little rules that go into the marijuana business. This number is projected to be at 1 billion by the year 2016. $386 million was sold as medical marijuana and $313 million was sold as recreational marijuana all followed up by 63 million in tax. These numbers were from data from one state, imagine the amount of money and the industry that could be possible from making it completely legal. (High
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