How Marine Life Is Affected By The Changes Of The Environment

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How Marine Life is Affected by the Changes of the Environment
Marine life is affected by the changes of the environment due to both human and natural causes. Some human causes I will discuss are pollution and the destruction of land for human uses. A natural cause I will talk about is temperature change. Temperature is expected to change naturally, but not at the rapid rate it is going now.
Humans are the main polluter. We have polluted both the atmosphere and the ocean. We pollute the atmosphere by releasing vast amount of carbon through factories and cars. “Air pollution is killing 3.3 million people a year worldwide”. “the yearly death total will double to about 6.6 million a year by 2050” “In 2010, there was a total death of 54,905 due to soot and smog. 16,929 deaths out of 54,905 was due to power plants” (Borenstein).
Our waste such as plastic and contaminated water makes its way to the ocean. There, it has a devastating effect on marine life. According to Lowenberg, ingestion of plastic can “result in poor health, reduced growth rates and reproductive output, or death”. A marine life that is most affected is the sea turtles. Not only are the sea turtles affected, but also their nesting sites and the baby sea turtles. Birds are also affected. “90% of birds have ingested plastics in the past 30 years” (Lowenberg). “By 2050, any bird found dead will have plastic in its stomach” (Shukman). “5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing some 269,000 tons…
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