How Marketing Affects Children

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“Marketers see children as a future — as well as current — market and hence brand loyalty at a young age”(Global issues, 2010). Marketing is a complex scheme which benefits the industry to develop consumers however, the society does not understand the outcome it can cause in the future. All around the world, many kids are produced in the consumerism trade through the trademark of marketing industry and lifestyle the society has embraced into the children lives today. This paper will explore the causes of how marketing affects children and this will affect the generations to come in the future which disappoints the parents and generates the parent’s way of raising their kids without the exploitation of the social media. I will argue that the generation of marketing has filled an appalling influence to youths today, marketers have urbanized a society of advertising to kids that can affect their future and they analyze the facts that are directed to them which provokes them to evaluate the believability of marketing. The first part of the paper will focus on the impact the marketers create, negative affect which is imported to the kids. The unethical approach of marketers are taking away their childhood, by manipulating them from such a young age. Marketing is an identified strategy that promotes the products and by advertising the products to the young consumers the marketers does not understand the mistakes being negatively generated into the society. The reason
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