How Marketing Affects My Choice

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1) Watching a commercial about a Dillard clothing sell prompted my sister and I to go to the mall. This is a direct way that marketing affected my choice to purchase items from Dillard’s and other outlets from Governor Square mall.
3) Macro views of marketing are identifying and satisfying a good and service for the consumers on a broad scale. This ensures that the products reaches the consumer at the right time and location. For micro views this is on a smaller scale and are mostly used by individual organizations.
5) A recent purchase would be containers from The Container Store. Most products from this company are produced oversees which can guarantee an affordable price point. Also, since this company main products are various types of containers I can be assured that I will find the correct item that I need.
6) Functions of markets include transportations of products throughout different geographic regions. Buying and selling goods and services such as buying products from manufacturers to create your product and, selling those goods to consumers. Also, financing which provides the necessary credit to transport, market and produce goods and services.
Chapter 2
5) The four P’s is a way to target possible customers with diverse basic needs. Products are a type of marketing mix of goods and services which are relatively available to the consumer. Also, it contains the basic qualifications such as product branding and benefits. Place is ensuring the correct
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