How Marketing And Consumer Behavior Theories Influence An Effective And Efficient Marketing Mix Strategy

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The overall purpose of this report is to come across the challenges of understanding the consumer and how an understanding of consumers is a key input into the development of an effective and efficient marketing mix strategy. How and in what ways marketing and consumer behaviour theories influence (or influenced) decision making process for a product. This report serves a set of factors and influences that effect the consumer buying behaviour in different products. It contains the purchases for one week in a matrix and can be useful to the marketers to analyse the consumer buying behaviour and the needs and preferences of the consumer when purchasing a product. This report can also help the marketers to plan their marketing strategy in the best way that consumers and the companies get benefited. The marketers can analyse a product in view of the consumers who are the ultimate users of the product. Analysing this report gives them a view of new strategies for their product to be successful in the market.
There is a detailed description of the consumer and the purchases made by the consumer in a week. The buying behaviour of a consumer changes with age, sex, employment status, the influences from others and even sometimes culture. This report focuses on a typical consumer and what are the things considered when purchases are made and the expectations of a consumer. This consumer does not look for a specific brand to purchase a product especially when the purchases is habitual…
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