How Marketing Effect The Success Of A Company?

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1. Introduction In the 1920s Opel was the most successful German Car Manufacturer and it became a subsidiary of General Motor in the 1930s. Opel had about 22% of all new registered cars in Germany until 1982. The Opel brand stood for reliability, quality and innovation. After 1982 GM changed the strategy and focused just on profit. They decreased quality, disregarded innovation and design. The brands image changed, the profit decreased and the new car registrations dropped to 6.9 % in Germany. How important is a brand image for a company? How can marketing effect the success of a company? How is the “Marketing Mix” enrolled in the current marketing campaign “Drive 22”? This essay explains the basics of Marketing on the basis of Opel. 2.…show more content…
3.1. Product Products or Services can be tangible goods or intangible services. This marketing mix tool consists of product variety, quality, brand name and a couple of more marketing variables. It is about the customer’s needs, which need to get satisfied by the product. Opel will release 23 new car models until 2016. Opel new car models target the “Middle class” and “Business class” Segment. The new cars should help changing the companies’ image back to a high quality and modern brand. The new models combine German engineering, optimal cost benefit ratio and best digital network (Doll 2013). 3.2. Place/Distribution This marketing tool includes all decisions and actions of the company about the way of the product of the provider to the customer. Channels, location and transport are examples for the tool “place”. It provides the product at a customer-orientated place. Franchise dealers and Internet are channels Opel uses. Opel offers detailed information and reviews about the cars on their websites. Customers also have the opportunity to design and select packages for their car orders with a car configurator. Test drives and new car sale are available at local dealers. “Recent insights have revealed that more than 50 per cent of customers make their decision online, emphasizing the importance of managing the online channel for carmakers” (Köstring 2012). 3.3. Price The Segment “price” is a part of the marketing mix as well. It focuses on the pricing of the product and
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