How Marketing Impact Our Life

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How does Marketing impact our life? It is simple, Marketing is EVERYWHERE! Every single day we are besieged by commercials that give insights on many different products and services. These commercials are one of the few ways marketing impacts our lives. Marketing is a business action that promotes business products to be sold or to be use in different aspects of services. Marketing is much more than just selling and advertising, it plays an essential role in providing consumers with need/satisfying goods and services. Marketing allows us to be influence as consumers by showing us a standard of living that can be achieved or provide opportunities to live a certain way. Marketing offers many career opportunities; such as professional selling, marketing research, advertising, retail buying, distribution management, product management and development and wholesaling or logistics. Marketing also impacts non-business organizations including hospitals, museums, universities, government and social service agencies, by influences us of potential negative or positive aspects of each business. Marketing affects our social media, our newspapers, and just about everything. Social media is a source where businesses markets their products. Since everyday thousands of people go on the internet to buy products and therefore open themselves to marketers use a different technique to hook consumers on business products. However, ultimately we choose how marketing affects us! Do
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