How Marketing Is Used As A Persuasion Tool

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As a marketing professional, entrepreneur and teacher, I want to inspire students to master a broad range of marketing concepts. I want to demonstrate how marketing is used to sell products and services, persuade individuals and companies to change their behavior and to potentially change the world.

I believe that the best way to learn is to have an interactive learning environment. In my classes, I will present a concept for discussion and reinforce the concept with an in-class group exercise and homework assignment. I ask students to display name cards each class so I can call on them by name, which helps foster a more personalized discussion.

I teach by example by drawing on case studies, articles, student’s personal experiences as well as my own and others. I want students to talk, to participate individually and in groups so they can learn from each other while building on their ideas.

I kick off the semester with a case study on how databases, advertising, interactive or integrated marketing can be used as a persuasion tool. I might ask students to research: “Who was Jack O’Dell and how did he use marketing to change the world?” This leads students on an internet hunt, a brief paper and then an in-class discussion within the context of the syllabus for that week.

If we are having a discussion on how to develop a database, students will interview each other in class to generate information that then leads to an in-class exercise on designing a data table, and
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