How Marketing Sector Plays A Business Or Organisation Essay

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Marketing sector plays a vital role in a business or organisation. It is a sector that helps to inform and influence the society at large about the activities made by a business or organisation (Elliot, 2010). Working under the marketing sector would be challenging as it requires marketers to have competent attitudes and skilful (Elliot, 2010). Although there are several flaws can be identified to make marketing as a profession such as working long hours and working with an organisation that does not embrace the marketing concept (Klein, 2004), it is a profession that is meaningful to me.

To work as a marketer, certain tasks require going one place to another to meet different people. It is a job that not always makes you stay in office. Hence, it is not a monotonous job in comparison to other jobs that have to do a repetitive work. It is one of the reasons why I chose to work under the marketing sector in the future. Where, marketers able to meet and socialise with people that have a different background. Therefore, it helps to expand and broaden my knowledge on numerous matters. Another reason would be because of exploration and comprehension of consumer behaviour. By understanding the behaviour of consumers, marketers able to help a business or organisation to produce a product that is highly demanded by consumers. Thus, it also expected to result in increase the profits of the company. Last but not least, chose to work under a marketing sector would be meaningful to me
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