How Martketers Use Nonverbal Communication to Influence Consumer Decision Making Process

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• I want to show how marketers use nonverbal communication to influence consumer decision making process
• Consumers don't even realize how heavily their decision making process is influenced by nonverbal communication
Body Outline:
• Main Idea Nonverbal communication as a an consumer decision making influencer
• Physical communication
• Signs of communication (mechanical communication)
• Aesthetic communication
• Symbols of communication
• Supporting Material
• Experiments performed
• Statistics
• Other researches information
• Consumer Decision making process and nonverbal communication directly connected.

• Babin/Harris CB5
• Professor Constanzo.
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The US consumer engaged in a conversation with an Armenian, for instance, will likely instinctively try to obtain some space in the conversation by leaning backward at the waist as if an escape were possible! The differing approaches to space have implications for sales approaches, the way other consumers are depicted in advertising, and the design of retail environments.
Another important component of nonverbal communication is body language. Body language refers to the nonverbal communication cues signaled by somatic (uncontrollable biological) responses. Consumers may use certain cues of body language when discussing issues with other consumers or salespeople. These cues can be more telling than the words that are spoken.
Service providers sometimes receive training aimed at making them better able to guess which consumers will complain out of anger long before any negative words are voiced. Thus, if a customer’s reaction signals anger, intervention may actually turn the experience into something positive through proactive measures to remedy the situation causing the anger. In Japan and similar cultures, managing the appearance of one’s emotions becomes very important because one needs to avoid doing something that may shame another. If a Japanese consumer gives a gift to another person, the reaction in written and verbal communication means a great deal to the gift giver.
Marketers also use chronemics to
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