How Masculinity Affect Women 's Choices

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The ideas and assumptions built around the concept of femininity affect women from all walks of life. The discourse that surrounds this issue sets up and maintains an environment which limits and dictates women’s choices. Documentaries such as Miss Representation (2011) have been produced in order to shed light upon gender issues such as these, focusing on the causes and consequences of these ingrained stereotypes rampant in media upon modern women. In the context of this paper, these discourses and the effects of said discourses will be explored. From print advertisements from the 1950s-1970s to contemporary ads, as well as resistant discourse in film, the ramifications of both discourses in media and female representation in different work sectors will be expounded upon to show that the discursive construction of femininity deeply influences how women define themselves and how they move in the space constructed for them by societal pressures and ideas. Advertisements for home appliances in the mid to late-1900s paint a picture of what was expected for women to be at the time: that is, that wives must be the homemakers, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children whilst the husband works to provide for the family. As such, products such as these were targeted towards women as it was perceived that women would benefit the most from these inventions on account of the idea that women belonged in the home. A woman’s value and identity in those years, then, was dictated…
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