How Mass Communication Approach Can Change Into Perspective

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There are different usage of media which can attracted many people attention and how it goes into beyond descriptive of what being saying and how to receive it. There are types of media that can regulate that shows the being affect for the society these days. Specifically focusing into relaying information to different typed of “receivers”. Depending on the person outlook since can be very the key on how mass communication approach can change into perspective. This can understand with different prime example that can see such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine, books, internet etc. Typical shows that showing the transmission of information that sent to different type of receivers, thus knowing & learning about it. There different field that can be further to study on which this can take happen into categorical division which is Advertising, Journalism, Journalism, & Public relation. There is overshadowing about particular of the method of study, as if quantitative and qualitative method has been use. Also there major theories being use addresses the process that communication that being taking place some of these are Cultivation Theory, Agenda-Setting Theory, Spiral of Silence Theory, including the media ecology in there as well. There is also professional organization that is using for into this particular field of mass communication. On the given example, two form of media that can affect any certain individual life. Whether the affect be positive or negative

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