How Mauna Kea Should Remain Cultural And Not Allow Project Tmt

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We are Mauna Kea Mauna Kea should remain cultural and not allow project TMT (thirty-meter telescope) on the mountain. According to Hawaiian legend, Mauna Kea is the meeting place of Papa (Earth Mother) and Wakea (Sky Father) who are first ancestors in Hawaiian history. We as Hawaiians view Mauna Kea as a temple or house of worship. In our cultural understanding, it is believed that Mauna Kea was not created by man, but by Ke Akua (God). Mauna Kea is both the burial ground and the embodiment of the most sacred ancestors. This is why I am advocating that a thirty-meter telescope, or TMT does not belong on Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is a volcano on the island of Hawai’i that is sacred to Native Hawaiians as an elder ancestor and the physical embodiment of deities revered in Hawaiian culture and religion. According to Kay Ala Kahaulelio, a Hawaiian astronomer and student at University of Hawaii, he says, “the sacredness of Mauna Kea is beyond what we can comprehend in the human realm. It is so scared because it is the portal and the closest temple where we can connect with our God.” In Hawaiian genealogy, Mauna Kea is perceived as the center of ones being. It holds burial grounds and is a place where people scatter ashes of their loved ones. On Mauna Kea there are a total of 13 telescopes- a number that I feel is too high that there are enough telescopes on Mauna Kea. Currently, there are thirteen working telescopes being operated by astronomers from 11 different countries, so why do

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