How Media Affects People 's Food Habits

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Lifestyle depicts what type of person we are, and how long we will live. They have reasons for being unhealthy, from convenience to being ignorant about what goes in their food. But a lot of people can still choose what type of person they want to be, but can they choose what type of food they eat? People who eat unhealthy food because of taste, convenience, and price are stuck in a standstill, but the effects are considerable, which includes heart disease, fatigue, and depression.
The food industry is a lie packaged in nice wrapping paper. A picture of a pasture with grazing cows on a happy farm on our cartons is the lie of the century. The marketing on food is a ploy in order to entice the public to eat what they are selling. People ask why they eat the way they do.The first example why they eat poorly is how the media affects people’s food habits. People sit late in the evening watching commercials, unknowingly famished, until they see a Domino’s pizza commercial appear. Consequently, recognizing a hot cheesy pizza popping out of an original Italian oven reveals just how hungry they feel; they are ready to order. Commercials are not the only media capturing people’s sights and stomachs. TV shows with the peppy blonde cheerleader singing as she pops hot crispy fries in her mouth, making people crave fries just like their idols. People want what they see on TV, so they get up off the couch and hike to the nearest fast food restaurant. A convenience people have, which is the…
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