How Media Affects The Way Of Media Consumption

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The research conducts that how extent media are consumed by the contemporary immigrants, who is from East Asia, in London and how they perceive their nation’s news, Britain’s news and International news via certain media. Method of research is one to one interview followed by questionnaires, as well as additional oral questionnaires. Results of interview show that four of five interviewers usually check their nation’s news while do not check Britain’s domestic news. In addition, even they are in London, but they tend to ignore the domestic news and prefer to check international news via their nation’s media. The conclusion is globalization affects the way of media consumption, and their relationship with people and society,where they belong to physically, have been shaped by globalization, especially by innovative technology, such as social media.

How does a temporary immigrant in London consume media for understanding the contents Internationally and domestically? According to The Migration Observation, London is the largest immigration city in the UK where 3 million immigrant move to in (Rienzo and Vargas-Silva, 2014). The aim of the report is to explore how a temporary immigrant, who belong to a minority group in London, consume media contents, and how extent usage of social media. In addition, how they consume news contents via their regional domestic media rather than Britain’s domestic media. Moreover, I explore how extent globalization affect…
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