How Media Affects The Way Of Media Consumption

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The research conducts that how extent media are consumed by the contemporary immigrants, who is from East Asia, in London and how they perceive their nation’s news, Britain’s news and International news via certain media. Method of research is one to one interview followed by questionnaires, as well as additional oral questionnaires. Results of interview show that four of five interviewers usually check their nation’s news while do not check Britain’s domestic news. In addition, even they are in London, but they tend to ignore the domestic news and prefer to check international news via their nation’s media. The conclusion is globalization affects the way of media consumption, and their relationship with people and society,where
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Also, in order to define a certain phenomenon based on theory, I will hypothesize how extent the thought and theory are connected. For instance, globalization affects the way of perception of the world, which Tsagarousianou describes that “The global system of sovereign states has been familiar both structurally and symbolically in the daily acts of imagination through which space and human identity are construed. (Tsagarousianou, 2007, p175). I will analyze how the interviewer perceives media as part of their daily life in their mind.

I conducted an interview with 5 of the interviewer who is categorized as a contemporary immigrant. The interview style is conducted through one to one conversation and it was conducted in question conversation style with general questionnaires. In addition to the questionnaires, I expanded them in depth by an additional conversation in order to figure out the meaning behind the answer. Also, I conveyed them about what my aim of the questionnaires before conducting the interview. 4 of them are as a university student, 1 of them is a full-time worker, however, his first aim coming to London is to study at the higher level in London. The age of group are between 22 to 33, and conversation duration is approximately 20 minute each.

4 of the candidates check the first language news site or information site almost every day. The reason is diverse, though, they tend to consume the local contents
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