How Media And Electronics Can Be Good For Not Only Self Esteem

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Imagine a life without phones,television, and computers. There would be no way to communicate long distances, and none of the technological companies we have today (apple, samsung) would exist. Screen-free week, a worldwide celebration is where kids,parents,schools, and even whole townships “pull the plug” on electronics for an entire week. Journalists believe that screen free week is a huge step to lessening use of electronics among teens around the globe. Many townships like Hillsborough, New Jersey are debating about pulling the plug and going back to the books for the entire week of May 4th to May 10th 2015. This “screen-free week” celebration is known to help people get off their electronics and interact with real people instead over social media where as people can take advantage of people and/or steal information. However, many schools are against screen-free week and are saying that social media and electronics can be good for not only self esteem but, can help people learn too! Yet, more than a thousand people are doing it world wide, and are working to help convince others to join the international celebration of screen-free week. As a result, screen-free week can help increase social interaction between teens, get rid of the everyday destruction of electronics in school, and help increase privacy among peers. Many websites such as, facebook and instagram can help people make new, valued friendships and assist people with communicating worldwide but, there is a new
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