How Media Bias Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Throughout The Nation With The Advancement Of Technology

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Evolving Media Bias Media bias is becoming increasingly popular throughout the nation with the advancement of technology. Since the 1920’s, people have strayed away from newspapers and have instead relied on radio, television, and social media sources for their news. Although, public trust in the media since then has been decreasing dramatically, why? Some believe it to be bias in news stories and journalism. The larger the bias becomes the more the public loses trust in media sources. So, how have we gone from a time where media bias was accepted and viewed as normal to a time where bias isn’t tolerated and regulations must be put into place to prevent it? First, we will look at how technological and legal changes may have changed perceptions on media bias. Second we will discuss the two main viewpoints on the issue: conservative and liberal. Third and foremost, we will discuss professional journalism norms as well as the arguments on journalist objectivity. The first newspaper was created in the 1690’s and persevered as the main news source till the 1900’s. Newspapers during this time often reflected the opinions of their owners. Some even reflected the opinions of wealthy politicians who supported them. Bias was apart of the formative years for a long time; therefore, citizens disliked any unbiased reports. As time went on, newspapers grew less popular as their reports became more unbiased and as technology advanced. When the 19th century rolled around, technology
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