How Media Has Influenced The Production Of Documentaries

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Documentaries are a form of media that have been around for decades and have been used to display and educate a diverse range of subject matter from the lives of animals, political controversies, to how eating McDonalds for every meal of the day can effect your health. Because of their long history there have been many factors that have influenced the production of documentaries such as societal and economical changes. One of what is debatably the largest factors that has influenced documentaries is they have been a part of and shaped by the rise and full of many technological advancements, such as cameras, audio equipment, editing stations and even the distribution of the films themselves. As such it is important to see the impact that these advancements have had on the making of documentaries both stylistically and technically. It is important to first know what a documentary is to fully understand why the development of technology has shaped them. From their conception documentary films have been about capturing life, about the “raw material of actuality.” (Beattie; 10) Not only do the documentaries tell us the story that the filmmaker is trying to tell, but also a deeper lesson that may be historical and or of social significance. As documentaries would now be considered mainstream media, they are seen as being the truth, that they are capturing life from unbiased point of view. “Of course, saying that a documentary representation makes a truth claim is not the same as
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