How Media Influence Has Increased Dramatically Over The Past Three Decades

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Humaira I. Uddin Professor Parra-Chaney English 112 25 April, 2015 Beautiful Inside and Out “Healthy body image is not something that you 're going to learn from fashion magazines,” (Shapiro) said Erin Heatherton, a Victoria Secret’s model since 2008. Media influence has increased considerably over the past three decades, whether it’s been through television, social media, or tabloids. The number of televisions has also increased in America since the 1950’s and most American have access to a television. Consequently, the images and attitudes are portrayed to the viewers. The seemingly “perfect” actors and actresses presented on television become the goals the viewers want achieve. Why is this goal unachievable? Due to the fact the seemingly perfect models have a team of make-up artist, hairdressers, and personal trainers. The media wrongly redefines healthy body image. According to Heatherton, who was raked number 15 of 25 sexiest models in 2013 agrees that healthy body image is not something one learns from media. Although, Victoria Secret’s Angles contribute to the skewed definition of “healthy” she recognizes its fault. Magazines are photoshopped-- digitally altered, to create flawless images that attract consumers for financial gain. Media has altered the “healthy” body, increased eating disorders, and placed an injurious importance on appearance. Firstly, what is healthy body? According to Live Strong, “Being physically healthy and fit involves not only how you
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