How Media Is Becoming More Inclusive : Honey Maid, A Brand Of Graham Cracker Essay

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Increasingly in media today, commercials and product placement advertisements are becoming more inclusive. Honey Maid, a brand of graham cracker, is one of these companies. In March of 2014, a new commercial was released featuring a same-sex couple and their children. Throughout the commercial, the two men and their eldest son take turns discussing their life. The clip is about the importance of family, and concludes with the product logo and the phrase “this is wholesome.”
This advertisement is one of many examples of how media is becoming progressively diverse; however, it also incorporates many elements one would expect to find in a traditional household. In analyzing the family represented in this clip, I will look at both challenges and confirmations of traditional family ideals. In doing so, I will critically examine the role fathers are typified with, as well as the role that race and class play not only in this commercial but in family ideals in general. Next, I will utilize both of the aforementioned aspects to demonstrate how this particular commercial helps to sell and promote the product at hand. Finally, I will discuss what, if anything was surprising about this commercial.
The most prominent challenge in this commercial is the parental structure. Having a same-sex couple starring in this advertisement shatters the preconceived notion that a wholesome family has to consist of a mother and a father. Dorothy Smith (1993) describes the standard North American
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