How Medical Knowledge Has Changed Over Time

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Throughout the years medical knowledge has changed over time and is still changing. Advanced medical knowledge has impacted us and how we live because we now know things we didn’t before, for example new and advanced medical technology, antibiotics, diseases, cancer treatment, and other treatments for patients. The Hippocratic Medicine time period was named after a great ancient Greek physician. His name was Hippocrates and was known as ¨the father of medicine¨. According to Hippocrates was the first physician who considered medicine to be science and was not part of religion. According to Science Hippocratic Medicine is based on a natural philosophy the Greeks had been developing since 500 BCE. The philosophy used careful observation, logical deduction, experiments, and keeping a record. In the time period, the doctors were cautious and doubtful. They summed up a view with their famous saying ¨ The art is long;life is short;the occasion fleeting; experience fallacious, and judgement difficult.¨ Today we still use the Hippocratic Oath and the other treatises.…show more content…
In the early 1600’s scientists discovered about how blood flows,arteries, veins, and blood cells. They found out that they needed blood to survive and draining all the blood out, called bloodletting, was not helpful. According to “In an attempt to save the life of a 15-year-old boy, weakened by too much blood-letting, he inserts into his veins, through a quill, about half a pint of the blood of a lamb.” After practicing on animals they were able to transfusion the blood from one person to another. They also discovered bacteria and started to work on vaccinations. These were some ways that Europe raised life
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