How Medicare Has Changed The Aspect Of It Greatly Impacted The Minority Population

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Medicare was created in 1965 for individuals who were over the age of 65 that found it impossible to find affordable healthcare. The creation of Medicare has given access to healthcare to all Americans once they reached the age of 65. This program was created in the era of limited hospital access so a big worry they had was that individuals would have this healthcare but not be able to receive care fast enough (National Academy of Social Insurance, 2001).
Implications that have been made to the Medicare program have changed the aspect of it tremendously. One fear that was held about Medicare is how the increase of government involvement when it came to disability and medical coverage would give the government too much power (American Medical Association). An aspect of Medicare is that it was created when hospitals were still segregated which negatively impacted the minority population. This posed as threat because many Americans were not receiving the proper treatment fast enough which put many lives on the line. The enactment of Medicare was a political struggle, in the early 1950’s and late 1960’s which brought to the attention of officials that actions needed to be taken to make it easier for elder Americans to access high costing health care. Officials concluded that this new social insurance would serves as means to aiding in paying for hospital care, post-hospital nursing home care and home health services. Bush and Clinton Administration added to the idea of health

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