How Medicine Has On The World With Technology

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In the 21st century, technology helps medicine become so advance that there are no limitations. Even though medicine was created to help us, but it can be used against us. The movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes illustrates how medicine can be used against us and how much impacts medicine has on the world with technology. Beginning of the movie start with apes living in the jungle captured in nets by hunters. They were brought to a company in San Francisco where the one of the main character named Will Rodman played by James Franco works as a scientist. Will Rodman was using the apes to test to see if he finds a cure for Alzheimer’s disease with a drug named ALZ-112. He noticed a chimpanzee named Bright Eyes was showing high…show more content…
The next day, Will asked his father to feed Caesar but he noticed that Caesar was feeding himself with a bottle. After seeing this, Will realize that Caesar was exposed to the ALZ – 112 inside his mother’s womb before he was born. Three years later, the ALZ – 112 made Caesar so smart that he able speak to Will by using sign language. However the older Caesar gets, he noticed that he different from Will in appearance. One day, Will took Caesar to a park with his girlfriend Caroline and Caesar ask Will about his mother. Will decide to take Caesar to the place where his mother died. After finding out that his real mother is dead, Caesar was sad. Will have been giving the same drug to his father Charles because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and want to see the effect of the medication on his father. Will noticed that the antibodies in his father’s body was attacking the ALZ – 112 and therefore making the disease worse and he will die soon. Charles went outside to look for his car even though he not supposed to drive due to his disease. He found the neighbor’s car but he thought it was his car. He open the car’s door, starts the car, and he also forget how to drive. He accidently keeps bumping into cars and the neighbor notice someone was in his car. He got mad and pulls Charles out of the car. In the house, Caesar noticed the fight and went outside to stop the neighbor. Caesar beat the neighbor and bites one of his
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