How Is A New Public Private Partnership Formed Through The Merger Of Two Private

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1.1 INTRODUCTION is a new public-private partnership formed through the merger of two private organisations, Element Technologies and Data Africa, and a public organisation, ZAM’s Tech. Element Technologies will play major role in the new company and the CEO of Element Technologies will be the new CEO. came into operation in January 2001. The company provides technological services to its three parent companies and competes for local and international contracts. In the public sector, is interested in online school education and fixed line networks.’s business is to deliver IT infrastructure services and business solutions, online retailing, and to pursue e-commerce…show more content…
Element Technologies takes the view that there are always opportunities for the hungry business executive. Their underlying business logic can been summarised by Sir Richard Branson’s famous remark: “Business opportunities are like buses – there’s always another coming along.” In practice, what this means is that Element Technologies examines new opportunities to see if the group can offer something “better, fresher and more valuable” than existing companies. It looks particularly at markets where the existing customers are not always receiving value for money, and where the existing companies have, in some cases, become complacent, and where the internet might deliver a business opportunity. This means that the main thrust of the strategy has been to find new market opportunities where the company believes its brand name can create competitive advantage. “Contrary to what people may think, our constantly expanding and eclectic empire is neither random nor reckless. Each new business demonstrates our skill at picking the right market and the right opportunity,” says the Element Technologies website. 1.3.2 Outcome of Emergent Strategies: Element Focuses on Geographical Expansion In the past few years, Element has focused its strategy on geographical expansion of its existing product portfolio rather than adding products. However, it remains opportunistic in its main

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