How Is A New Public Private Partnership Formed Through The Merger Of Two Private

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1.1 INTRODUCTION is a new public-private partnership formed through the merger of two private organisations, Element Technologies and Data Africa, and a public organisation, ZAM’s Tech.
Element Technologies will play major role in the new company and the CEO of Element
Technologies will be the new CEO. came into operation in January 2001. The company provides technological services to its three parent companies and competes for local and international contracts. In the public sector, is interested in online school education and fixed line networks.’s business is to deliver IT infrastructure services and business solutions, online retailing, and to pursue e-commerce opportunities vigorously through various growth strategies.
These include providing new platforms, business software developments, and outsourcing activities. 1.2 BACKGROUND
After an experimental launch of a student website, the young CEO of Element Technologies began a small mail-order business in the UK in 1990. He opened his first shop two years later and subsequently developed it into a chain of record shops. At the same time, he was attempting to develop a label by signing up various pop artists of the time. None of these businesses possessed any clear competitive advantage, though contractual rights to popular musicians and the Element brand itself arguably had some real value.
He continued to seek business opportunities using the Element…
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