How Memory Is Important For Our Lives

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We can start by definition Memory. Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information in the human brain. It can be thought of in general terms, as the use of past experience to affect or influence current behavior (Human). Our memory helps us remember past experiences, previous learned facts, habits and skills. Etymologically it comes from the latin memoria, meaning remembering. Memory is comparable to but distinct from learning which is the process by which we acquire knowledge of the world (Human). For example, I learned new concepts for this psychology class by studying and honestly watching many youtube videos, but during a test I use my memory to retrieve the concepts I learned. Although memory depends on learning because it lets us store and retrieve information that we have learned. Without memory, we could not learn anything. Memory is crucial to our lives. Without our memories, we could not function in the present or think about the future. We would not be able to remember what we did yesterday, what need to do today or what we plan for the future. There are several memory stages. The first phase of the memory is encoding, when we receive new information of any kind, we start processing it in visual, acoustic or semantic form. This means we retrieve or keep any information what we see as a picture, a sound or relating to meaning in language or logic. An example of this was the memory test we did for this chapter. I saw
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