How Michael Has A Quality Education And Improve His Life Opportunities Essay

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The education Michael received was not from a highly qualified and prestigious school. The school he attended was less than mediocre and the education he received was not taught in a meaningful or productive manner. His home life wasn’t any better. There are many steps I would take to ensure Michael has a quality education and improve his life opportunities.
Michael struggles to meet his basic needs. Although he is enrolled in school, he is constantly worrying about money, safety, his brother’s needs, and much more. In 1954, a psychologist named Maslow, created the Hierarchy of Human Needs. It states that the physiological and safety needs must be met before humans can love, feel belonging, respect themselves and respect others. Once these basic needs are met, people can focus on reaching their full potential and self-actualization can be achieved. Since Michael is fighting to satisfy his own basic needs, he isn’t able to focus on succeeding academically and on a personal level.
Michael attended a school that didn’t have the resources to employ high quality teachers. Duncan and Murnane contribute having less than adequate teachers to not having enough money to pay higher salaries. Teacher quality is better in wealthier schools since it is easier to teach better-behaved students. Teachers don’t have to deal with riots, they don’t have to spend their own money on school supplies, they are able to live and work in nicer areas, and don’t have to worry about their personal…
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