How Micro Financing Has Created Intrigue

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In recent months a new concept of micro financing has created intrigue. Micro financing has many definitions but the most popular reference these days is the practice of informal loans between individuals rather than institutions (peer to peer Micro loans). Micro financing first became popular in third world countries where entrepreneurs were able to start businesses for as little as twenty-five dollars. Many were able to quickly repay their loans and often times become grantors of other peoples loans. This created a formula for prosperity though admittedly on a small scale. As micro financing web sites began to pop up for use in more industrialized nations one question became obvious. The maximum request is capped at ten thousand dollars with most micro financing organizations. So what enterprises would actually benefit from the loan? There are not a large number of start up businesses that can be built in the modern world for a mere ten thousand dollars. Most franchise opportunities require well over a twenty-five thousand dollar initial investment. Even legitimate home based businesses are not cheap. Surprisingly entrepreneurs seem to be able to do a lot with limited funds. A little research on one of the more popular micro loan web sites turned up a large number of people with success stories based on loan amounts far less than the maximum. No one had plans to start up a franchise but there were many people with clear and realistic goals. A large number of…
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