How Microsoft Has A Successful Computer Based Product With The Technological Marketplace

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Companies take the time to invest and create new products all the time, which they hope will create a solid market, where they could reap the benefits of the profits associated with these products. Operation management and the various elements that make up this business strategy play an important role in the success, or failure of the different products. Therefore, companies must be careful in their deployment of these operational management techniques. Microsoft has a long history of lunching successful computer based product with the technological marketplace. However, there history of successful cannot ensure every product they release will have the same amount of success as the companies Windows operating system.
Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Allen and Bill Gates. “Like, most start-ups, Microsoft begins small, but has a huge vision-a computer on every desktop and in every home” (A history of Windows, 2016, para.2). Over the next few years, Allen and Gates works hard to lay the foundation of what would become one of the dominate computer based brands in the world. One of the early products produced by Microsoft was “MS-DOS, which the companies first operating system (A history of Windows, 2016). MS-DOS was the first of many products and services that were designed by Microsoft to improve the computer experience for individuals, and organizations throughout the world. However, MS-DOS was only the company’s first rendition of an operating system.
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