How Miss Tiaira Is Doing Very Well

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Another New Year has begun to unfold, along with all the trials and tribulations that every New Year brings forth. Yet, know this; the Greene family is in great spirits, and favorable health. We hope all of you, and yours’ hold the same spirit and health as we move throughout the days of 2016, and beyond, living this great thing we call…Life!
Miss Tiaira is doing very well. A 2015 graduate from the college of St Rose, with a dual bachelors degree in Special Ed and Early Childhood Education that includes a dual minor in English and Health Science. Way to go T! It has been a long road, five years in the making, but the light shines brightly on this well traveled road of hers. We are very proud of her accomplishments. She is even considering graduate school at MCLA in Advanced Special Education, something her Aunt Linda in South Dakota had an influence on, perhaps because she is another very special educator. Tiaira currently teaches part-time at Bethlehem Preschool when she is not Nanning for the McKenna’s, a family she has grown very close to in the last 18 months. She loves her two jobs and children. She holds the patience of a saint, and is naturally giving of love unconditionally to all. We often wonder where she came from, with a Mom and Dad like the two of us. Whether it was the local stork, the milkman, or us, we do not care, we are so very proud to call her ours. She reached for her dreams, and achieved them. She continues to enjoy traveling, camping,
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