How Missy 's Car Has A Grey Scratch Like It 's Been Hit By Something Grey

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"Explain to me how Missy 's car has a grey scratch like it 's been hit by something grey and low profile." Arms folded, even standing while he was sitting Veronica wasn 't much taller than Logan. It was the height, she thought; always made people less afraid of her. If only her parents had given her taller genes.

Monday morning came before Veronica had made heads or tails of Missy Blake Missing Persons- or her photography assignment for journalism. She still had seven periods before then, she reminded herself, and before geography started she wanted to focus on Logan.

For his part, Logan looked a messier version of himself- hair barely gelled into passive-and-uncaring Logan Echolls chic.

"Wow, not even a full week
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"How have you been dealing with Missy 's disappearance? Surely this has to bring up feelings like after Lilly 's death?" Ms. James went right in. Maybe that cat was alive.

Electric prod to that emotional cattle, sure, Veronica thought.

"I actually didn 't know Missy that well. Don 't. Don 't know her that well." Not that she wanted to, but it at least sounded like an out to her.

"It says in your file you were disciplined last week involving an altercation over Missy." Eyes never leaving the page, Ms. James didn 't exactly ask the question, but left Veronica to explain.

"Mmm... not really involved, involved- I was standing by the altercation. I was a by-stander." Veronica couldn 't believe she actually wanted to go back to forty minutes about Himalayan mountains. Or perhaps the actual Himalayan mountains.

"There 's nothing bothering you about her disappearance at all?"

"I mean... she 's probably with some boyfriend in Tijuana, right? Or upstate skiing or something. Had a fight with her parents and she 'll be back when she 's bored." Veronica didn 't know what had happened to Missy, but she was pretty sure she wasn 't upstate skiing, even as she tried to convince Ms. James that was what she thought.

"Veronica, I remember how Lilly 's death and that investigation affected you. Do you remember being in this office those couple of months?"

Inspecting the same discolored stain of carpet as she had then,
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